Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Middle Class (those earning $30,000-100,000) gets Hammered Again

Have you noticed all of the talk of balancing budgets, shared sacrifice have one thing in common, the people who will sacrifice are the ones earning between $30,000 and $100,000 dollars per year.  For all of the talk of making the tax cuts for the rich permanent there is no talk of say eliminating income taxes entirely for the group that spends all of their money.  The rich have had their tax cuts for 10 years, by the reasoning of the proponents this economy should already be booming.  The rich have seen their incomes continually grow, while the rest of us have seen a decline.  But yet when the deficit commission recommends changes it focuses on eliminating programs that benefit the above class of people, raising the retirement age for people who actually work hard, and raising taxes and fees that will again affect the people who spend all of their money.  Soon, the rich will not be able to sell us anything because we can't afford their products and then we'll see changes made.  There is a war on and it is against the middle class.

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