Thursday, December 3, 2009

As much as I am always amazed by Republican hypocrisy I was stunned by this exchange between Sen. Hutchison and David Shuster. Yeah I know he works for gotcha media MSNBC, but come on she could have been prepared for a simple question about Afghanistan version 2008. She implies that the past is past and we shouldn't dwell on the fact that President Bush and Republicans in congress didn't act on a troop request in 2008 (although they were all about the troops and the generals) but instead we need to focus on how President Obama spent 3 months deciding how many troops to deploy and what they are going to do once they are in the country. Something that I would remind the Senator apparently they didn't have in the previous 8 years of the conflict. While I don't think that the President has gone far enough (Karzai is still president) I applaud that we have a plan of what we want to accomplish in Afghanistan.

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